Throwback to Penang (November 2016)


It never ceases to amaze me how personal sketches could capture not only the quality of the physical space, but also telling the ‘story’ behind the sketches.

Browsing the drawings from last year’s Penang trip, they brought back memories… of the superstitious nun nagging at how we shouldn’t capture the spirit tablet in our drawings, the curious eyes of the local villagers, the police officers peeping over our shoulders, the smell of the incense, the swarm of mosquitoes on the skin, the stench of the poultry farm, the lovely dinner with sketching comrades at the live seafood restaurant, the careful treading across the waterfall bridge…

It had been a fruitful trip. Improving on composition and flow across the drawings, meaning in the marks and lines, spaces in shadows… Cultivating more focus/patience for observation. Training the eye to be more discerning with visual information. Most importantly, learning to be ‘present’ to see the fascinating (sometimes appearing mundane) things that happen around us.

(Tutor: Chankerk, MyArtSpace)

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