Serendipity in Artmaking

Untitled Imaginary Landscape 2018 Mixed Media (charcoal, paper, ink) on Canvas Panel © 2018 suhuixin


Had a fantastic session with Perth’s Karen Frankel at Galleria Art Studio, to explore mixed media to produce imaginary landscapes.

A base image is abstracted, followed by layering multiple combinations of ink, wax resist, charcoal, tissue paper, brown paper. The ‘serendipitous’ nature of the process was emb

raced as a key role in the artmaking experience – ‘creatively exploiting the unforeseen’. The overall compositions were guided by discovering and incorporating unintentional, unpredictable, and unexpected marks that were formed along the way. The process was as enjoyable as the results!

We even had time to explore a simple still life piece while the main piece was left for drying between work stages.

Untitled Still Life 2018 Mixed Media (wax, ink, tissue paper) on Canvas Panel © 2018 suhuixin

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