19 May 2018 . Observing the Human Form with Ian de Souza

Some updates from a recent workshop with Ian de Souza in his intriguing Fremantle home studio, where we learnt not only about drawing, but also some really interesting life experiences

The clear structure of workshop, and Ian’s technique to ‘loosen up’ was extremely helpful to work on my own areas of drawing deficiencies.

‘Yin & Yang’.

The first half of the session primarily focused on developing visual observation and confidence in strokes, flow, and tones through drawing with charcoal and chalk.


The second half was spent exploring tones and ‘natural tone’ of hues, and breaking through the mental barrier of using colours beyond realistic depiction through painting.

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Looks a lot easier than it really is to portray the ‘balance’ and ‘connectedness’ in a human form! The most frustrating being the disconnect between what the eyes see, how the mind thinks, and what your hand wants to put onto the canvas.

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