Restoring a new kind of beauty in a broken ceramic.

Finally, some wonderful pieces* to conclude our multiple-weekend Kintsugi workshop with Stephanie Hammill Ceramics.

Jan.See and I had been wanting to learn this Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics for a long time, and we were lucky to find a talented and ceramicist who trained in Japan and offered an introductory workshop in Perth. The process of repairing is long and tedious, and requires a whole lot of time and patience. Not a skill one could easily or quickly master, and it definitely puts the idea of delayed gratification into perspective. We were all really excited when we could finally apply the finishing last weekend!

Ours are no where close to the tutor’s skill level. Given the limited timeframe, but thanks to her meticulous teaching, they still look amazing!

(*Beautiful handmade ceramics compliments of Stephanie who kindly offered us her ‘seconds’ which she happened to have. Lucky us!)

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