The Jellyfish Dance

The Jellyfish Dance, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas panel
20.3 x 40.6 cm (8 x 16 in)
This piece that I had completed earlier this week, also inspired by our regular walks in Claisebrook Cove, turned out to be more whimsical than I originally intended. 
Apart from the black swans, Australian white coots, ducks, egrets, and the many other birds with names I can’t remember, the white-spotted jellyfishes are a common sight downstream from the water birds’ nests.
Their pulsating movements propels them close to the water surface and then dissolving away again into the depth of the water, making their fleeting appearances so mesmerizing to watch. We saw some ended up in squishy masses in kids’ bare hands.
There must be enormous blooms of these white-spotted jellyfishes in the water inlet. They are known to be resilient enough to thrive in oxygen-deprived waters with few predators. 

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