Hyde Park Perth in Autumn I (2018)

Over the weekend I felt a sudden burst of energy to work on a mixed-media piece, and a returned enthusiasm and motivation of wanting to create undisrupted. I enjoyed every moment of drawing, pushing and smudging the inks and wax around the paper. And because there is a certain degree of unpredictability in the method, constantly making adjustments depending on how the drawing evolved along the way.

This led to a second piece with different media to explore the difference in the results. And then a third one, which is still in progress. I might have caught a cold, from working in the coldest part of the house in winter. So until I feel better, the third one might take a while more to finish.

Here’s the first of the ‘Hyde Park in Autumn’ Series done in mixed-media, drawn in ink with twig, and layering onto the foundation with wax, watercolour, more inks, and oil pastels.

I will be posting soon the second piece based on a different media palette.


Hyde Park Perth in Autumn I (2018)
Mixed-Media (Ink, Wax, Watercolour & Oil Pastels) on Art Paper
59.4cm x 42cm
© 2018 suhuixin




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