So, is it ok to collect dead wood since they are debris anyway? Apparently not.
Learnt recently that it’s illegal or restricted in some Australian states to take wood from national parks and reserves, even if the wood is dead or fallen. The laws vary depending on local circumstances, such as level of fire risk, access, existence of vulnerable species, or availability of natural refuge areas.
Dead trees and fallen branches provide vital nesting sites and protection against predators for a range of native flora and fauna species. Fallen wood can also provide food sources for small animals. .
Good to read up on the local regulations, and good practices before heading out to gather some firewood 😉

Launceston Wilderness II (2019), Tasmania 2019
Mixed-media on Paper
84W x 59.4H x 0.1 cm (33.1W x 23.4H x 0.1 in)
© 2019 suhuixin

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