ALWAYS In search of lightness and movement in nature and life.

Su draws on inspiration from the environment around us, whether natural or planned, to express the emotional content, essences and metaphors that it carries. For her, artmaking is a way of slowing down, to learn and discover about life and the environment.

She approaches her creative and artistic practice through both observation, memory and exploration. The abstraction, simplifying, and serendipitous nature of the creative process, is essential in her artmaking. Her painted works have evolved to adopt a looser and bolder approach, while her mixed-media and sculptural works tend to focus on form and space, depth and patterns. While the themes, media, methods and techniques she adopts may be wide-ranging, the visual characteristics of movement and flow, contrasts and harmony are the usual focus in her works.

Influenced by her architectural background and her experience in integrating artists’ artworks in a public space, Su is also keenly exploring the thin lines of art and architecture.
Her personal artistic works can be found on her website silentdoodles.com, and daily updates on Instagram @silent.doodles

Her personal artistic works can be found on this website, and daily updates on Instagram @silent.doodles


Master of Architecture, Singapore

Bachelor of Arts (Architecture), Singapore

Without formal art education, my art journey is self-directed, as well as drawing from my architectural training. I learn from artists’ whose works I connect with and whom have imparted invaluable wisdom, attending workshops to further my understanding and developing my skillset along the way.


2018     Selected for exhibition at Reserve Art Prize at Darlington Arts Festival (Western Australia)

2018     Bayswater Art Awards (Perth, Australia)

2018     Ellenbrook Art Award and Exhibition (Perth, Australia)

2016     MyArtSpace Members’ Exhibition (Singapore)


2018     Artwork created as part of marketing material for Croeni Foundation’s Ape Hero Drawing Contest.

2018     Organised a fundraising campaign through sale of my artwork, with part proceeds donated to Begawan Foundation in Indonesia.