Man vs Great Ape

Endangered Series_ Like A Boss (2018) - Huixin Su - lowres
Endangered Series: Like A Boss, 2018 Watercolour on Paper © 2018 suhuixin

Like a Boss (2018) • Did this great ape piece today for one of Croeni Foundation‘s upcoming initiative.
Harambe, a critically endangered western lowland silverback gorilla was shot and killed on 28 May 2016 at Cincinnati Zoo, after a he dragged a 4-year-old boy out of a moat. The boy had wandered away from his mother and fell into a gorilla enclosure. It was a highly controversial incident (or accident in this case) – Should primates be held in captivity? Was a Harambe trying to protect the child? What would have been the “right” decision to make in that accident, man vs. great ape? Harambe died a day after his 17th birthday.

Cartooning Progress


Ink on Paper
© 2017 suhuixin


My cartoon from a printed booklet of works that was compiled from a workshop which we attended in the Centre for Cartoon Studies (in a small town called White River Junction in Vermont, US) last year. It wasn’t until @janseeart handed me our printed copy that I recall doing this. Looks pretty good after not seeing it for awhile, I wonder how I even came up with the idea?! In retrospect of what we did and learnt, @price.hilary had been an amazing tutor with some really good ideas to get us motivated and loosen up.

Endangered Species: Bali Starling (Bali Mynah)

Endangered Series: Bali Starling (Bali Mynah)
(Reference Photo by Begawan Foundation)
Mixed Media on Paper
29.7 x 21 cm (A4)
© 2017 suhuixin

Status: Critically Endangered

The remaining wild population occurs entirely within Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia. This decline to virtual extinction was caused primarily by poachers responding to the lucrative demand for rare birds in the caged bird market.

“The current population of 115 individuals should be considered a maximum, and as such the population is precautionarily assumed to be fewer than 50 individuals and mature individuals….” [source:]