An Aussie Weekend

We are no football fans, but because we live in Perth and near the Optus Stadium, it’s hard to ignore when we see the Eagles’ emblem all the time. Gotta say we feel proud of the Eagles team and their supporters. Yay! We were in mid-air when the captain announced that West Coast Eagles beat Collingwood Magpies to win the 2018 AFL Grand Finals. A while later, we overheard from the seats behind, “… Western Australia seems to always be doing things differently from the rest of the other states.” Seeing and experiencing it as a visitor, the differences creates diversity and makes the country really interesting and exciting to explore. West coast, or East coast, surely Aussies share more in common than just love for football? 

(Taking a prompt from Day 3 of Inktober 2018 . ‘Roasted’) #inktober#inktober2018

20181003 eagles (square) - huixin su
It’s Barbie Time, 2018 (c) Huixin Su
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Combating Magpie Swooping

User feed (Identity removed)A really humorous post from one of our followers who shared our post. I find it candid, but undoubtedly hilarious and witty.

But hey, apparently, magpie swooping is a real problem in Australia during their breeding season from July to November. And magpies are not the only threat. I was minding my own business getting from Point A to B through Hyde Park on the footpath, and was attacked by a duck with its ducklings grazing on the grass verge nearby. It ran a few metres just to snap its bill at my ankle .

Oh, this follower has since become a collector and supporter of our Bali Starling fundraising campaign for Begawan Foundation! Silent Doodles thank him for his support 

Ape Hero Drawing Contest

Croeni Foundation’s brand new Ape Hero Drawing Contest is now open! The contest closes on 11 Nov 2018.

Friends, please share with folks who might be interested (yourself included!).

Click link below for more details:

Ape Hero Contest webpage (Artwork is an image of Harambe. Copyright of Huixin Su)

ape-hero- sample-watercolour art by Huixin Su


Restoring a new kind of beauty in a broken ceramic.

Finally, some wonderful pieces* to conclude our multiple-weekend Kintsugi workshop with Stephanie Hammill Ceramics.

Jan.See and I had been wanting to learn this Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics for a long time, and we were lucky to find a talented and ceramicist who trained in Japan and offered an introductory workshop in Perth. The process of repairing is long and tedious, and requires a whole lot of time and patience. Not a skill one could easily or quickly master, and it definitely puts the idea of delayed gratification into perspective. We were all really excited when we could finally apply the finishing last weekend!

Ours are no where close to the tutor’s skill level. Given the limited timeframe, but thanks to her meticulous teaching, they still look amazing!

(*Beautiful handmade ceramics compliments of Stephanie who kindly offered us her ‘seconds’ which she happened to have. Lucky us!)

Margaret River Region Open Studios 2018

Just returned from an short but exciting weekend trip to the Margaret River Region, visiting artists in their studios. Some studios (and sometimes homes) were just as fascinating as the artworks, and very often reflecting the personality and thought processes of the artists. We were very lucky with some really pleasant and eye-opening encounters 🙂

Can’t wait for next year’s open studios!

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