Red Choral (2018)

Spring Choral (2018) Huixin Su - lowres
Spring Choral, 2018 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas © 2018 suhuixin

The lone Coral Tree in our neighbourhood bloomed early Spring, with flowers aplenty, but few leaves. Its distinctive flaming red crown was easily spotted from a distance, while on closer view, it is a bouquet of  red flowers looking striking against the blue of the sky. A few days later, we found it to be filled with an army of Red Wattlebirds feasting away.  They moved between branches in a frenzy of gymnastic swings, circles, kips, and twists and turns to feed, and called in cackling, guttural and whistling sounds, singing “There’s one here. Oh, another one above. Two more on the sides. And one more behind too!”

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